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Debt Collection and Restructuring

At Intra Debt Collection we provide highly trained professionals who work as an intermediary between the clients and their stakeholders with a most efficient and cost‐effective way of prioritizing the business needs of our clients. We have tremendously developed integrated network of skip-tracing, repossessing, collecting, recovering & surveying of assets and negotiating on your behalf. 
We are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with Dubai Courts, whereby, through the innovative Al Hasilah intiative, we could place our expertise and services at the disposal of the Dubai Courts clients in debt collection and recovery, debt restructuring and to conduct court approved quick, fair and easy settlement with the financial institutions.
Debt Collection & Recovery 

We provide our clients with a highly trained team depending on their needs whether its a bucket or recovery portfolio, locally or internationally. We make every effort to recover your debt and try to find an amicable way to settle with the debtor and negotiate on your behalf to ensure your money back.

Debt Restructuring 

Our experienced bankers and industry experts, approved by the Dubai Courts, could help debtors negotiate debt restructuring and new improved payment plans with their banks or creditors to ease the burden on their cash-flows and the threat of jail time. 

To find our more about the initiative or for any other questions call us at 042206244 or email us at
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