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Company Formation

A federation of seven Emirates, UAE offers limitless business opportunities to companies all over the world. Establishing a business in UAE is an excellent way of expanding business horizons, making a global standing and legitimately booking international profits without paying any tax.

UAE’s economy offers the following advantages to local as well as foreign entrepreneurs and investors:-

  • An emerging market – Imports and exports have proximately more than doubled since 1989 and the regional economic growth along with global liberalization is predicted to further boost the demand

  • A flourishing market – UAE’s strategic location in the heart of one of the world’s richest regions makes it a flourishing market.

  • A diversified market – Catering wide import requirements, there are ample opportunities for suppliers for plentiful products

  • An accessible market – UAE is served by 170 plus shipping lines and 86 airlines

  • An open market – Least or no quotas, exchange controls or trade barriers.

Company Setup Service in Dubai

Our services are trusted upon by a number of our esteemed customers from around the world. By availing our company setup services in Dubai, you will be able to keep your focus on how you want to do business in the emirate, while our professional experts take care of everything else for you. You certainly can explore a wider range of opportunities while doing so, and if you need any aid at any stage, we will be there to help you out in the most efficient way.

Our service desk is available to help you all day long, which is solely meant to address all your concerns as per your convenience. Our Dubai company setup services are time-tested, which gives us an edge over the rest and lets you access the best of company formation services. With us, your business’s success rate will see just one way ahead – up!

Exemplary Environment For Company Formation

UAE offers an ideal business environment to incoming international businesses and facilitates efficiency, quality and top notch services. Among the benefits are:

  • Free enterprise system

  • Excellent telecommunication system

  • Highly developed transportation facilities.

  • Hosts top international exhibitions and conferences.

  • Sophisticated financial and services sector.

  • Top Notch residential accommodations and commercial structures.

  • Cheap workforce and relatively easy recruitment procedures

Business formation Procedure

While company formation procedure differs from one legal form of company structure to the other, below is a summary of the bureaucracy one needs to face wishing to incorporate and register a new company in UAE.

Step1: Reserve a company name and apply for its registration at the Department of Economic Development (DED)

Step2: Apply for legalization and initial approvals from the required authorities

Step 3: Buy or rent a commercial place to conduct business activities

Step 4: Draft legal application and agreements

Step 5: Compile the required documents, legalized certificates/papers and submit the application file for final approval

Step 6: Collect your trade license

Step 7: Open a corporate bank account

Step 8: Apply for an Investor’s Visa and Investor ID

Step 9: Obtain final documents from DED including Certificate of Incorporation authorizing the start of business activities in the premises of UAE

At Intra, we offer company formation services in Dubai and the other six Emirates. Housing a team of qualified professionals, Intra liaisons with its clients for establishing their business in UAE and handles the complete business formation process. Our services include strategic recommendations, negotiations with local stakeholders, completing documentation formalities and much more. We also benefit our clients with our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, which gives them the ability to precisely understand the current market trends and unique needs of their business.

So, get in touch with our consultants today and make the most of our UAE company formation services

Know more on how you can form and register a company in UAE.

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