Debt Collection

INTRA is one of the leading debt collection company in the market providing there service in this field since 2006. It has a dynamic approach and strong influences in Government and Private sector as its USP “Unique Selling Point” as well as the support of our Managing Director who is an Emirati.

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Salient Features for INTRA can be weighed as under;

  • INTRA has a capacity to adopt fastest methods of services under variable circumstances to be more time – efficient and productive.
  • INTRA has the most experienced team of collectors whose strategic alliances to remove any obstinate issues of our clients.
  • INTRA is committed to operate with the highest standards of integrity, while preserving absolute confidentiality.
  • We are aiming to provide a constant and consistent, undivided attention to gain highest level of satisfaction for our valuable clients.

INTRA offers a unique procedure for the skip tracing on personal and commercial levels. Our experience has shown that it is extremely difficult to disappear completely... by utilizing the most up‐to‐date information databases and technology available, coupled together with our team skills our service can find most 'Gone‐away's'. Process Serving, Litigation and Judgment Execution One of the most frustrating experiences, is to be unable to locate a person or the assets that will enable a recovery to be affected for you. Through our skip tracing resources in all over the country, supported by our network of accredited agency offices, we are able to carry out this vital task.

Quality Assurance

Intra Debt collections are ensuring the following steps to maintain the quality of the clients

  • Hiring collectors with proven record in collections.
  • Call monitoring system.
  • Collector training on etiquettes of calling as per client defined procedures.
  • Managing bank records with backup servers and saving data and work on timely basis

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